The department has been opened shortly after the establishment of  DDU as one of the second generation universities in the country. During its establishment there were only eight academic staff of which only two were MA degree holders and the rest were at the rank of GAI.  Since then the department has produced a lot of graduates who are serving the country in different sectors. Apart from  producing psychology graduates, the department has also delivered common courses for various departments. Besides, the department has also engaged in various research and community service activities where it tried to play in solving the problems of nearby communities.

Program objectives

The major objectives of the program are:

ü  Providing psychological services in governmental, nongovernmental, and private institutions would be able to work in various educational settings

ü  Initiating, organizing, and evaluating various educational and social development programs render   rehabilitation services

ü  preparing psychologists that can plan & conduct seminars, workshops and trainings in psychological and related issues for stakeholders

ü  conducting researches on various psychological, educational and social issues

ü  providing  demand-based consultation and technical advice to individuals, groups, and institutions