Afan Oromo and Literature Department was launched at Dire Dawa University in the year 2008E.C. since its establishment, the department has offered BA degree in regular and summer programs. Despite the challenges (like shortage of qualified professionals, lack of experienced manpower, resources etc.), the department has been running its programs with a very few but committed instructors and resources and has graduated well over 100 teachers until 2011 in regular program. At this moment, the department has eleven staff, of which three are on MA and PhD study leave.

Goals of the department

The department of Afan Oromo and Literature strives:

ü  To train high-level qualified personnel capable of working as secondary school teachers, curriculum developers, teacher trainers for governmental and non-governmental organizations.

ü  To promote research in and /or on Afan-Oromo in order to develop the language and enhance teaching–learning process

ü  To instill in the learners the basic socio-cultural values or set up of the Oromo people

ü  To produce qualified professionals who can serve as researcher, public relation officer, news reporter, editor, translator, artist, etc.

ü  To coordinate various researches conducted in and/or on Afan-Oromo.

ü  To conduct different community based projects independently or in collaboration with the institutions.

ü  To conduct training and workshops for further advancement of the language and, take part in community based development activities.

ü  To carry out research activities to standardize Afan Oromo.

ü  To offer quality courses that can enable students ready for various occupational purposes.

Program objectives

The general objective of Afan Oromo degree program is to train high-level qualified personnel capable of working in different settings: mass media workers, and public relation officers for governmental and non-governmental organizations. It also helps learners promote research skills in and/or on Afan Oromo and develop their concepts and knowledge of linguistics, literature, socio-cultural aspects of Oromo language.