The Department of History and Heritage Management is one of the first departments opened when Dire Dawa University was inaugurated in 1999 E.C.  Before it got its current name (in a nationally harmonized curriculum from 2005 E.C. on), it was called Department of History and Civics in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities. It started it service by accepting of from the first batches of the University with 7 B.A. holding staff. Currently, it is actively working (9 men, 1 female) with 15 instructors of whom 4 (3 men, 1 female) are on postgraduate study.


In the program the courses of study are developed and structured in such a way that student will acquire and develop basic knowledge of the historical material in depth, engage in exercise of critical thinking about historical themes and issues and to develop skills of identifying and solving historical problems through methodological research.