The department of English Language and Literature in DDU works towards achieving the mission of the country at large and the university in particular by producing qualified individuals with the required competence. This curriculum includes the modules and the courses designed to provide competence based on training. It is believed that students should have to provide comperence based training. It is believed that students should have adequate training and practice in the subject matter to thrive in the modern employent market. Among others, studnets should know about human langauge functions. They need to know about the principles that guide the scientific study of langauge. In addition, they need to practice the differenct levels of writing, reading, listening, and speaking in English. The candidates must have also the opportunity to engage in oral communication in a variety of situations and develop theoretical communication skills necessary to be able  to transfer the same skills to their jon.

Department Objectives

The main goal of English language and literature department to endeavor to be the leading resource centre in the university geared to apply scientific knowledge with English language, literature, linguistics, and journalism towards a fruitful communication on development,  science and technology transfer in Ethiopia.