The department of Amharic language and literature has started its function in 2007 in Dire Dawa University. It started its function by offering Amharic as a major and English as a minor. During that time the department has only four graduate assistants. Now, almost all instructors in the department are second and third degree holders in Amharic Language Teaching, Linguistics, Literature, and folklore. In Ethiopia more than eighty nations and nationalities are living, having their own languages and cultures. The ministry of education has designed Amharic curriculum in order to teach Amharic as a first and second language throughout the country.

By taking this into account, for the last eight years the department has graduated more than 750 students both in regular and summer programs. Now, I line with the policy and program of teaching preparatory level students with teachers having MA degree, it is imperative that the department upgrades its curriculum to postgraduate level to further enhance its positive contribution to the fulfillment of the national goals in the education centre.

Program Objectives

As a Language and Literature trainer program, the Ethiopian Language(s) and literature – Amharic program has the following objectives:

ü  Tran writers and critics, public relation officers, editors and translators;

ü  Train researchers in the field of literature and human concerns

ü  Organize and offer short term trainings and workshops

ü  Offer language related services in translating and editing texts as well as evaluating language curriculum

Conduct researches on various languages and literatures of Ethiopia (1) with reference to the problems of organization and institutions; thereby giving consultancy services, and (2) to participate at regional and national forums